Here’s a handy Thailand classified Ads directory. Each classified ad directory has its peculiar strengths and weaknesses but, somewhere, the item you’re looking for is available! If you’re concerned about delivery, ask the seller to invoice you via PayPal, giving the item name and serial number of the item she’s selling. That way, PayPal’s Buyer Protection gives you coverage. Use Thai Post Office EMS for sending items. They will not only provide packaging but also wrap and pack the items for you!

Thailand Classified Ads Directory
Thailand Classified Ads Directory

Baht & Sold: Daniel, the expat owner of designed it as a resource for individuals and businesses. Whether you are searching for the perfect home, a business to buy, a set of wheels or a stroller for the newest addition to your family – from Phuket to Chiang Mai – B&S usually has good listings.

Bangkok Post Classifieds for Chiang Mai: A traditional classifieds section from the leading English language newspaper in Thailand. Very strong Bangkok section.

CCCC Classifieds: Chiang Mai Christian Community, many of whose members are Christian missionaries in Thailand, is an excellent resource that goes far beyond its classifieds.

Chiang Mai Classified Ads: Light on listings but worth checking.

Chiang Mai Classifieds: Their website is unstable (I suspect a home server) but, when it’s working it has some unique listings.

Farang Mart: Another handy site, strong on scooters and motorcycles.

Chiang Mai Locator: A handy real estate advertising site.

Chiang Mai Mail: a re-badged Pattaya Mail site with Pattaya listings.

Chiang Mai Post: Rather weak classifieds but it’s listed here to encourage the publishers.

Craigslist Thailand: The original and still champion. I’ve had many good experiences buying and selling here.

Thai Visa Classified. An excellent resource with wide coverage and strong readership.

Make your promotion pop: Classified advertisements that use illustrations, outskirts and photographs for the most part pull in more eyes than average content just promotions. Simply check the paper – consistently there are postings that emerge from the others. Probably the most valuable elements we offer to do this are the ‘Included Ad’ and Web Graphic alternatives for your Online promotion and including a photograph (where pertinent) in Print. Additionally, keep in mind to utilize a feature that gets the peruser’s consideration.

Recognize what is imperative to individuals skimming in your characterized classification, and ensure you touch on those focuses; and utilize complete sentences – they’re less demanding to peruse than a progression of expressions and irregular words. Placed yourself in the client’s place. On the off chance that you were perusing the ordered advertisements, what might get your consideration? What words or expressions would make an advertisement emerge from the rest for you?

Quote a cost, regardless of the possibility that it’s high or low. In case you’re high, clarify why it’s justified, despite all the trouble (for instance: exceptional, extravagance thing, hand-made, and so on.), and on the off chance that it’s low, make sure to specify that it is an awesome arrangement furthermore clarify why the cost is so low (for instance: moving, snappy deal, extraordinary buy).

Incorporate a  get in touch with: Incorporate numerous types of contact, for example, a home and PDA number or your email address. Likewise, in the event that you are just accessible to answer a call amid specific hours, ensure you express that in your advertisement (for instance: call after 9pm, leave a message, and so forth.)

Determine brand names: If you are offering name brand stock, make sure to name the brand (and model, if correlated) in the promotion – specific should as much as possible. Individuals need to know precisely what it is you’re offering before they call and information should you can give, as much as possible. Consider it in the event that you are a client in a shop, would you like to know the specifics of an item or only a general thought of what it is?

Give white space access print work for you: This is an imperative format component in characterized promoting in light of the fact that the normal arranged page is overwhelming with little sort. The more “void” space in your advertisement, the more it will actually be taken note. Boxing an advertisement (including a basic outskirt around it) naturally makes white space around it, which thus consequently draws the eye.

Ask the peruser to act now: By completion your promotion with a suggestion to take action, for example, “12 hour deal,” “this week just,” or “call now, won’t keep going long”,” you include additional impetus for the intrigued purchaser to call you first.

Agenda – Every ordered ought to incorporate in any event the accompanying:

• Sale date or days and hours

• Price

• Make and model

• Size and shape

• New, utilized or reconditioned

• Service or guarantee

• Name, telephone number

• Address or bearings to area

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