Budget for Living in Thailand

What’s a Realistic Budget for Living in Thailand? When I wanted to create a Budget for Living in Thailand  I turned to an expert on Thai budgeting, Nancy Lindley. With years of bookkeeping experience, she makes personal budgets and also keeps to them. Better still, she keeps careful note of unexpected expenses and keeps her finger on the pulse of Thailand’s cost of living. Happily, a cost of living budget in Thailand is pretty easy to figure out. It’s been… [Read More]

Chiang Mai Rentals, Sublets

Here are the Chiang Mai rentals, sublets for February, 2018. Even if you’re not yet planning a move, it provides you with real estate values in Chiang Mai. These are real houses in Chiang Mai with real prices and you can check them out with Google Street View. Or just email for the address… Chiang Mai Rentals, Sublets Room to Let – an Airconditioned room to let in Lanna Pinery Home | July 2017 – July 2018 –>ph. +61- 843-737-964 Wonderful… [Read More]

Vaccinations in Thailand?

Vaccinations in Thailand may be wise: Rabies in Paradise? Reader Rich suggested that everyone consider rabies vaccinations: “Today I went to Bangkok’s primary hospital that deals with vaccinations with the most expertise. My Thai wife worked here for 20+ years as an RN before she and I ever met.  Anyways, I wanted to make sure my vaccinations as a farang were up to date. I was here 1 time before in 2013. All was up to date…. [Read More]

Driving in Thailand

Driving in Thailand: New Concierge Service. We’re constantly dreaming up new ways to take the worry out of moving to Chiang Mai and here’s another: car rentals. We now offer rental cars with daily, weekly, and monthly rates for everything from hatchbacks all the way up to 7-seater SUVs. But why, you ask? Aren’t there already plenty of car rental places in Chiang Mai? Lots. But this is the only one staffed by expats (so everyone… [Read More]

Thai Grilled Rats

Thai Grilled Rats, nu phook, are hunted in the rice fields and grilled for sale as a rural delicacy. They’re a regular source of both protein and income during the last two months of the year for villagers across Thailand. The greater bandicoot rat (bandicota indica) is a rodent of the muridae species found in China, India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam that grows to 27–29 cm, plus an equally long… [Read More]

ASEAN in Thailand

ASEAN in Thailand is, finally, a big success! Fifty years after its founding, ASEAN is finally catching in The Land of Smiles. Asean has grown steadily since Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand founded it in 1967. Brunei, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia now round out the ten member states. Today, nearly 80 per cent of Southeast Asians have a positive view of Asian: Combined gross domestic product is US$2.6 trillion–the world’s seventh-largest economy–but growing so… [Read More]

The CIA Ran Drugs in Thailand

One of the CIA’s strategic objectives had been to provoke an attack by China across the Burmese border in retaliation for forays by the KMT. This plan misfired, however. In 1961 the Chinese did indeed launch a drive into the Shan States, but at the request of the Burmese government to deal, once and for all, with the KMT. The People’s Liberation Army drove the KMT remnant into Thailand, where it settled outside Chiang Mai…. [Read More]

Cold Weather in Chiang Mai

Cold weather in Chiang Mai makes winter everyone’s favorite season. Visitors from steamy Bangkok stream north to simply enjoy cold weather…in Thailand! Everyone spends an extra half hour snuggling in the mornings, then dons ski boots and colorful scarves and heads into the crisp, clear weather. The cold is the source of great pride and much conversation. Dogs go off duty and stop barking at passersby until mid-morning. Everyone’s late for work. Rumors abound about… [Read More]

Traveling from Chiang Mai

Traveling from Chiang Mai is uncommon. I’m always raving about what a great travel hub Chiang Mai is. Now Thai Lion Air has opened bookings for a new route to Chengdu in China using Boeing 737-800 aircraft for the three weekly flights. Thai Lion Air will fly to Chengdu on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday departing from Chiang Mai at 2300 and arriving in Chengdu at 0230. The return flight will depart Chengdu at 0420 and arrive in… [Read More]

Bringing Controlled Pharmaceutical Drugs into Thailand

If you’re bringing Controlled Pharmaceutical Drugs into Thailand, or or need to fill a prescription for some, then read this post and follow the instructions below very, very carefully. If you do not, you will go to jail and stay there for a considerable time. “The traveler is allowed to carry for his personal treatment medications which contain substance classified in Category II, III, IV, provided, however, that the quantity of which shall not exceed 30 days… [Read More]

Chiang Mai’s Chinese Restaurants

Chiang Mai’s Chinese Restaurants ? We’ve got plenty! It’s just a matter of knowing where to look. But first, a few words about choosing restaurants in Thailand: Option 1: Walk Around. It’s free and you can get better data from looking in person than you can any other way. Option 2: Google Maps, if you zoom in close, will show you most places in the area. Click on them to get more information. Option 3:… [Read More]

SIM Cards in Thailand

You’ll need to provide a face-scan or fingerprints to buy SIM cards in Thailand starting December 15, 2017. (We will still have some prepaid SIMs to send clients so that they’re able to call as soon as they get off the plane but, as soon as our stock runs down, you’ll be on your own). Here’s what to do when you get off the plane in Bangkok: Get a Thai prepaid SIM card installed at… [Read More]

Home Food Delivery in Chiang Mai

You can get home food delivery in Chiang Mai just like anywhere else but, since Chiang Mai is in Thailand, what you get and when you get it may differ from your expectations. In Chiang Mai, Food Panda, a delivery chain, is the popular choice. Allow for the usual delays at peak meal times and choose carefully from their extensive collection of online menus. Pretty much everything is available with the usual caveat: non-Thai foods prepared… [Read More]

Jail Time in Thailand

What is it Like to do Jail Time in Thailand? First: Get A Thai Get-Out-of-Jail Number! We give Concierge clients a 24-hour Thai/English emergency phone number for good reason: to call if they’re ever in a jam. Since most of us have learned how to stay our of trouble by the time we retire, use of the number has been limited: about one incident per year for the last 5 years. We also swap phone numbers with them… [Read More]

55 Reasons to Live in Chiang Mai, Thailand

In case you’re wondering where to settle, here are 55 Reasons to Live in Chiang Mai, Thailand – starting with the results of a survey of expats’ satisfaction with their new lives… Chiang Mai is third among the world’s top 15 cities by readers of the influential travel magazine Travel + Leisure, “Chiang Mai, with its lovely Lanna temples, charming traditions, unique food, family-friendly attractions and stunning setting is a gem in Thailand’s northern hills. There’s so… [Read More]

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