Cold Weather in Chiang Mai

Cold weather in Chiang Mai makes winter everyone’s favorite season. Visitors from steamy Bangkok stream north to simply enjoy cold weather…in Thailand! Everyone spends an extra half hour snuggling in the mornings, then dons ski boots and colorful scarves and heads into the crisp, clear weather. The cold is the source of great pride and much conversation. Dogs go off duty and stop barking at passersby until mid-morning. Everyone’s late for work. Rumors abound about… [Read More]

Traveling from Chiang Mai

Traveling from Chiang Mai is uncommon. I’m always raving about what a great travel hub Chiang Mai is. Now Thai Lion Air has opened bookings for a new route to Chengdu in China using Boeing 737-800 aircraft for the three weekly flights. Thai Lion Air will fly to Chengdu on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday departing from Chiang Mai at 2300 and arriving in Chengdu at 0230. The return flight will depart Chengdu at 0420 and arrive in… [Read More]

Buying Cheap Meds In Thailand 16 Tips

16 Tips for Buying Cheap Meds In Thailand: I’ve been buying cheap meds in Thailand but my needs are pretty lightweight, so I turned to a friend, Greg Miller, who was injured when deep sea diving for the US Navy, and I asked him about his wonderful collection of meds and if they are really as cheap as people claim.  In response, he wrote me this: When I moved to Thailand from the US I found… [Read More]

Bringing Controlled Pharmaceutical Drugs into Thailand

If you’re bringing Controlled Pharmaceutical Drugs into Thailand, or or need to fill a prescription for some, then read this post and follow the instructions below very, very carefully. If you do not, you will go to jail and stay there for a considerable time. “The traveler is allowed to carry for his personal treatment medications which contain substance classified in Category II, III, IV, provided, however, that the quantity of which shall not exceed 30 days… [Read More]

Chiang Mai’s Chinese Restaurants

Chiang Mai’s Chinese Restaurants ? We’ve got plenty! It’s just a matter of knowing where to look. But first, a few words about choosing restaurants in Thailand: Option 1: Walk Around. It’s free and you can get better data from looking in person than you can any other way. Option 2: Google Maps, if you zoom in close, will show you most places in the area. Click on them to get more information. Option 3:… [Read More]

Health Insurance in Thailand

What’s the Scoop on Health Insurance in Thailand? First, foreign tourists will soon be required to have travel insurance before entering Thailand. The plan was proposed by a committee working on the development of Thailand as a wellness tourism hub and will be forwarded for consideration by the national tourism policy commission. The requirement should not be seen as a “hurdle” to visitors to Thailand, the source said on Monday. Under the proposal, the Office of the Insurance… [Read More]

SIM Cards in Thailand

You’ll need to provide a face-scan or fingerprints to buy SIM cards in Thailand starting December 15, 2017. (We will still have some prepaid SIMs to send clients so that they’re able to call as soon as they get off the plane but, as soon as our stock runs down, you’ll be on your own). Here’s what to do when you get off the plane in Bangkok: Get a Thai prepaid SIM card installed at… [Read More]

Home Food Delivery in Chiang Mai

You can get home food delivery in Chiang Mai just like anywhere else but, since Chiang Mai is in Thailand, what you get and when you get it may differ from your expectations. In Chiang Mai, Food Panda, a delivery chain, is the popular choice. Allow for the usual delays at peak meal times and choose carefully from their extensive collection of online menus. Pretty much everything is available with the usual caveat: non-Thai foods prepared… [Read More]

Jail Time in Thailand

What is it Like to do Jail Time in Thailand? First: Get A Thai Get-Out-of-Jail Number! We give Concierge clients a 24-hour Thai/English emergency phone number for good reason: to call if they’re ever in a jam. Since most of us have learned how to stay our of trouble by the time we retire, use of the number has been limited: about one incident per year for the last 5 years. We also swap phone numbers with them… [Read More]

55 Reasons to Live in Chiang Mai, Thailand

In case you’re wondering where to settle, here are 55 Reasons to Live in Chiang Mai, Thailand – starting with the results of a survey of expats’ satisfaction with their new lives… Chiang Mai is third among the world’s top 15 cities by readers of the influential travel magazine Travel + Leisure, “Chiang Mai, with its lovely Lanna temples, charming traditions, unique food, family-friendly attractions and stunning setting is a gem in Thailand’s northern hills. There’s so… [Read More]

Women in Thailand

Women in Thailand: A Changing Reality Last year, for the first time, women in Thailand became the majority of tourists as a surge in female visitors–mostly college girls on graduation trips–outweighed men drawn to the world’s sex capital. The shift is welcome news for Thailand’s tourist authority who have tried to promote the country’s shopping, beaches and temples and to minimize sex tourism, which thrived after Thailand became an R&R hotspot for US troops in… [Read More]

Chiang Mai Rentals, Sublets

Here are the Chiang Mai rentals, sublets for December, 2017. Even if you’re not yet planning a move, it provides you with real estate values in Chiang Mai. These are real houses in Chiang Mai with real prices and you can check them out with Google Street View. Or just email for the address… Chiang Mai Rentals, Sublets Airconditioned room to LET in Lanna Pinery Home through  July 2018. Phone 84-373-7964. Sublet 3 Bdrm Home World Club – Sublet for 20,000… [Read More]

Thailand’s Kra Canal and the Belt and Road Initiative

Have you heard about Thailand’s Kra Canal and the Belt and Road Initiative? Thailand’s Kra Canal has been coming for a long time, now China’s Belt and Road Initiative, BRI, is bringing it to life. Yes, you read right, Thailand’s Kra Canal and the Belt and Road Initiative are a thing.. From Prince Prisdang’s Files on His Diplomatic Activities in Europe from 1880-1886: “Both England and France showed great interest in cutting the canal through the Isthmus… [Read More]

Bring Cash to Thailand

Bring More Cash to Thailand Than You Think You’ll Need! Most of Asia does business in cash and Thailand’s no exception. You’ll need to carry cash with you at all times in Thailand unless you want to use a local debit card. Using foreign cards is very, very expensive and only a last resort. So bring cash to Thailand! Lots of cash!! Shortly after I moved to Thailand I experienced card skimming and bank blocks on… [Read More]

Embassies in Chiang Mai Thailand

Register Online with Your Embassy in Chiang Mai One of the smartest things you can do is to register online with your embassy in case of emergency or overseas crisis. Click Here for Instructions that are specific to your passport country language. Australian Advice Thailand – High Degree of Caution  (12th August) British Foreign Travel Advice: Thailand (12th August) Embassy of Canada: Thailand Security (12th August) Republic of China: 泰國 Thailand (2016/8/12) Embassy of Japan Travel Advice: 大使館からのお知らせ (12th August) Embassade de France en Thaïlande: Série d’explosions (12 août) Germany Federal Foreign Office: Thailand: Reise- und Sicherheitshinweise (15.08.2016) New Zealand Foreign… [Read More]

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