Driving in Thailand

Driving in Thailand? Chris Mahoney updates us on getting a Chiang Mai Drivers License: “The Chiang Mai Provincial Land Transport Office gave me the seal of approval today. Two licenses–one car, one bike–in one hit, within 2 hours, for the grand sum of 310 baht.  I am chuffed. Added bonus: no tests, written or practical. Just get your paperwork in order, look at a board of coloured dots, watch a 60 min. (English) video then pay your money, have… [Read More]

Safety and Danger in Thailand

I’m often asked about safety and danger in Thailand, so let’s look at a case study with much to teach us: By the end of the night (around 2 am) as the bar’s customers were leaving. The holidaymakers – believed to be a man in his 40s and his parents, both in their 60s – were attacked by several men earlier this month during Thai new year celebrations in Hua Hin, a coastal town about three… [Read More]

Chiang Mai Rentals, Sublets

Here are the Chiang Mai rentals, sublets for May, 2018. Even if you’re not yet planning a move, it provides you with real estate values in Chiang Mai. These are real houses in Chiang Mai with real prices and you can check them out with Google Street View. Or just email for the address… Chiang Mai Rentals, Sublets House for Sublet  through October 20 at Laguna Home in Sansai: Two-story, fully furnished. 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms (2 water heaters), 4 a/c. Small garden, easy… [Read More]

Yoga in Chiang Mai

Yoga in Chiang Mai Yoga in Chiang Mai has a long history. When I moved to Chiang Mai I was delighted to find a hotbed of yoga teachers and students from around the world. I’d taken classes with maybe 100 yoga teachers over 45 years and had come to appreciate the difference a good teacher makes to each class, and Chiang Mai is home to some of the most gifted teachers in the world. And… [Read More]

55 Reasons to Live in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Here are 55 Reasons to Live in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We asked 2980 of our newsletter subscribers and here’s what they told us: Chiang Mai is third among the world’s top 15 cities by readers of the influential travel magazine Travel + Leisure, “Chiang Mai, with its lovely Lanna temples, charming traditions, unique food, family-friendly attractions and stunning setting is a gem in Thailand’s northern hills. There’s so much for tourists to do here, from cultural exploration to… [Read More]

Alzheimers Care in Thailand

What’s the Truth about Alzheimer’s  Care in Thailand? I recently asked Nancy Lindley, who has guided several families through the process of obtaining intensive care for their Alzheimer’s relatives here. This was her response: I have walked several expats here through the process of terminal care for an elder in Thailand. Be warned that this is not easy. Custodial care at home is OK (I’ve known several resident expats who have done exactly what you’re… [Read More]

Don’t Argue in Thailand

Whatever You Do, Don’t Argue in Thailand! The tale: A 46-year-old German man, the owner of 99 Beer Bar on Chaweng Beach (a well-known entertainment district on Koh Samui) and his Thai girlfriend were in a nightclub parking lot when they found three teenagers sitting and drinking alcohol on the German’s motorcycle. The German man became angry and began arguing with the teenagers, demanding that they get off his bike and leave the parking lot…. [Read More]

Ghosts in Thailand

More Ghosts in Thailand… After an army officer said he smelled “ancient perfume” and experienced paranormal activity – as he and his soldiers were moving furniture from Naree Samosorn Building inside the Government House compound last week – officials at Government House were forced to perform a religious ceremony during efforts to renovate the building. “I was so scared I had goosebumps,” said the officer, who did not give his name, “because I know that… [Read More]

Thai Dog Skin Trade

There’s a little-known Asian business that will never be big in the West: the Thai dog skin trade. Dog leather is soft, fine-textured and readily distinguishable from other leathers due to its foul smell and scars. If you’re not an expert, you might mistake it for sheep hide. The president of the Thai Footwear Association said the strong odour makes dog skin a less attractive option for factories to manufacture as golf gloves and drums, but the shortage… [Read More]

Teach English in Thailand: 12 Tips

Teach English in Thailand: 12 Tips to help you make the decision. Read this checklist and make your choice of TEFL school I’ve taught English as a second language in Japan, Fiji, and Thailand and have a Doctorate in Education from University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Would you like to know how to choose a course that will certify you to teach English in Thai public schools and also make recruiters want to hire you? You’ll be investing… [Read More]

Dogs in Thailand: Meet Deputy Dog

There are tons of dogs in Thailand, but Deputy Dog is a favorite. This golden labrador is a well-known character around Chiang Rai, the beautiful town 5 hours drive north of Chiang Mai. Richard Berry, who combines an idyllic Chiang Rai life with manufacturing the ultra-natural English Organics cosmetics (you can eat them – literally) snapped a few shots with his cellphone. There’s no story behind this as far as Richard has been able to… [Read More]

Meditation In Thailand

Meditation In Thailand Today Meditation in Thailand is an important part of life. Businessmen take regular meditation breaks at one of thousands of war or temples in Thailand. This is Keith Allen’s story of his meditation boot camp at one of northern Thailand’s most prominent temples: A ten-day Vipassana retreat in Pitsanulok I just returned from a ten-day silent retreat held about 40 to 50 km outside of the city of Pitsanulok. It’s located in a… [Read More]

Thai Monks Chant The Buddha’s Wholesome Victories

Thai monks chant The Buddha’s Wholesome Victories Creating a form, thousand-armed, each with a weapon, Mara on the elephant Grimekhala roared frightfully with his soldiers. The Lord of Munis conquered him by means of Dhamma-giving and so-on: By the power of this may you be of wholesome victories. More than Mara making war all night Was the frighfulness of Alavaka the yakkha, impatient and arrogant. The Lord of Munis conquered him by means of well-taming… [Read More]

Thai Sex Shows

Thai Sex Shows 100 Years Ago: A Humorous Tale with Interesting Pornographic Elements The influx of GIs during the Vietnam War may have encouraged Thai sex shows, but this kind of entertainment had already emerged as a feature of Bangkok night life by the 1920s. In Sayam Rat, a popular newspaper from those times, described how employees from the Chai-oi ngiw (Chinese folk opera) walked around the city streets carrying placards advertising performances as “a… [Read More]

Thai Buddhist Amulets

Thai Buddhist amulets are something of an obsession in this Buddhist land. Buddhist amulets are part of Thai culture and you see them everywhere. Amulets, on the other hand, ward off evil and repel bad luck. The word itself comes from the Latin amuletum, ‘to protect a person from trouble”. They can be gems, paintings, rings or pendants, animals, and even words. (Talismans, a related form of what we call ‘charms’ bring luck). In most treasured form,… [Read More]

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