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I was on a tight timeline with a list of significant things to accomplish – really quickly, with no wasted effort. I needed someone with the knowledge, contacts and experience to assist me. I got that and more.I got my visa, licenses, contacts and everything else on my list accomplished quickly and smoothly. I spent less time waiting than I expected, and I was always accompanied by knowledgeable, courteous and helpful people from Thailand Retirement Helpers who answered my many questions and assisted me in every way I needed – usually before I asked.

You and the good people with whom you work turned what I’d expected (two weeks of research, paperwork and waiting in offices) into a two-day, relatively painless, effective and smooth process. BTW: also enjoyed the bit of sight-seeing, good food and excellent conversation with which you filled the time between our many appointments. Thanks Godfree.


Scott Roach


My Books

Unless your pension’s over £40,000 you ought to read this book. It opened our eyes to possibilities we never dreamed of.


Alpin McDowell

Glasgow, UK


I wish I’d read ‘How to Retire in Thailand’ before I started planning my retirement. I would have cashed out much sooner.

Steve Parkes

Goulburn, Australia

Amazingly comprehensive and extremely helpful. I worked out a detailed budget before I left home.


Krisztina Perematoni

Berkeley, CA, USA

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