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Keeping up to late with life in Thailand

Life in Thailand Newsletter is the free monthly newsletter that keeps you connected to Thailand. Everything from festivals to weather to local customs. With lots of photos and stories, it’s a great way to refresh your connection to Thailand every month.

If you’re even thinking of retiring to Thailand, Life in Thailand will help you prepare. Thai Life Newsletter arrives in your inbox every month, filled with news, information and tips about getting to – and living – in Thailand.

The latest discount airfares, weather, exchange rates. News about upcoming festivals and celebrations. And Thai culture. Lots of Thai culture! Here’s a picture of an article in a recent issue. Each month’s issue covers stuff like

  • A feature article on an aspect of Thai culture
  • Real estate for sale and rent – with live links so you can contact them directly
  • Sutra of the Month – so you’ll know what the monks are saying
  • Blog of the Month – the best Thailand blogs, from amulets to nightclubs
  • Festivals of the Month – there’s always a festival somewhere in Thailand!
  • Strange news and odd recipes – barbecued rat meat was a popular favorite
  • Thai phrase of the month – learn Thai painlessly
  • Flowers and fruits of the month – Thailand is always blooming. Make the most of it.
  • Weather, airfares, exchange rates, travel tips
  • Workshop schedules.
  • Video of the month

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