Health & Medical Care in Thailand

Naturally, a big concern for people retiring in Chiang Mai, and Thailand in general, is the quality of health and medical care. Below I’ve gathered some of our best resources on the subject.

Medical Care in Thailand

I learned a lot about medical care in Thailand last year. I was in an accident and was taken to the emergency room at Chiang Mai University Hospital. I was examined by three doctors, including an audiologist and an ophthalmologist, and attended by two nurses throughout my visit. The nurses brought me iced water and covered me with heated blankets while holding my hand and chatting to me. The bill for those four hours? $27.00, including pain… [Read More]

Getting Healthy in Thailand

Personally, I chose to get healthy in Thailand because, after my business melted down during the financial crisis, I was strung out and depressed. Fortunately, it’s easier to get healthy here than anywhere on earth. Here’s what I mean: Two hour massages every day ($10) Swimming laps in a saltwater pool ($3) Eating fresh, exotic fruits and vegetables ($7/day) Yoga classes with famous yoga teachers  ($8) Yoga is a simple, gentle method of stretching and relaxing every… [Read More]

Traditional Chinese Medicine in Thailand

Traditional Chinese Medicine in Thailand goes back to the 13th century, so there are some wonderful practitioners here.  I’ve been using Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for years. It’s the quickest, cheapest way I know to re-balance my system after an illness or an accident – or if my energy is flat and I need to get something done. To my delight I discovered that we’ve got one of Southeast Asia’s finest TCM practitioners  in Chiang… [Read More]

Weather in Thailand

It took me a year – one complete cycle of the seasons – to adapt to the weather in Thailand, after living in the cool, dry Northern California mountains. Now I really enjoy it. So do the Thais. Because Thai weather is so dramatic, it’s is a daily source of interest, speculation, and amusement. One of the most common reasons expatriates give when asked why they retired to Thailand is, “the weather”. But they usually don’t tell you… [Read More]

Thai Food: A Fresh Start?

Thai food can help you make a fresh start.  Thai cuisine is a world favorite and for good reason. Their produce and meats are farm-fresh every morning and overall quality is far superior to ours. Add to that an ancient, enormously varied, and subtle cuisine and it’s not hard to see why so many normal, sensible people become rabid foodies once they settle into life here. I eat it three times a day – like… [Read More]

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