Here’s a handy list of Chiang Mai’s Best Coffee Shops. A wide variety of gourmet coffees and excellent locations and environments. Enjoy your coffee!

Sweet Garden Chiang Mai Coffee ShopOne of Chiang Mai’s Best Coffee Shops is Sweet Gardens, located here. These are the GPS coordinates 18.82920° 99.00616°. It’s on the second ring road towards the north side of town. Easy to miss because you’re hurtling along the freeway and can easily miss it.

Owned by a wealthy lady who uses it to entertain friends, it is located in her grounds, which has a huge lake stocked with enormous carp and over which she built a big beige, as you can see in the accompanying video:

Fahtara Coffee Shop & Spa

Here’s another great place to hang out in the middle of town: Fahtara Spa and Coffee. It’s owned by a wealthy Bangkok businessman (largely as a vanity project from what I can see), managed by a German, and staffed by charming people who prepare great light meals and some very original drinks – non-alchololic, though they serve alcohol also, of course. Here’s the map. And here’s the GPS: 18.86492° 98.96925° and here’s the video


Natwat Home Cafe

Best coffee in Chiang Mai. Hands down. Opens at 7 am!! Cold brewed, organic Ethiopian – or any variety and brew style you can think of. The map.

Mamia Coffee Shop & Restaurant

On the banks of the Ping River in Chiang Mai. Long renowned for serving Thailand’s best coffees, Mamia Coffee hosts regular coffee-tasting events at which coffee international connoisseurs gather to meet prominent coffee-growers and taste their latest harvests. Thailand has 19,000 coffee growing plantations, a reputation for high-quality arabica varietals, and an increasingly discriminating population of coffee-drinkers. Drinking coffee by the river is a wonderful experience. Drinking the world’s best coffees in Chiang Mai’s loveliest riverside garden is a kind of heaven. And if you’re a food lover, you’ll love the desserts, made by the owner herself. GPS: 8.7816969, 99.0060884. Map here..

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