Here are Thailand’s Headlines of the Week

15-Year-Old Dies in Phuket Vegetarian Festival Shoot-Out.

Shoot-outs between teenagers are part of the landscape in Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya. They’re belong to a very old

Thai gang shootout
Thai gang shootout

tradition and are implicitly tolerated because, despite the mayhem they cause, they help preserve Thailand’s ancient warrior culture. Because Thailand has the best rice-growing land in the world it has been the target of many invasions from larger, envious neighbors over the centuries. In a dangerous environment like ours, you don’t want the boys to become sissies, do you? That’s why Thais generally take a ‘boys will be boys’ attitude to these incidents. Though Thailand’s homicide rate is slightly higher than the USA’s (5.0 vs. 4.5 per thousand citizens), the light touch policing makes for a much more relaxed environment. Police suppression is not nearly as evident in Thailand is it is in most Western countries. That’s one reason I like living here.

This headline is the first I’ve seen that balances Thailand’s pacifist Buddhist culture (the vegetarian festival – Thais love their abundant, exotic veggies) with the old warrior culture. Bravo!

Thailand’s headlines of the week are brought to you courtesy of the ever-inventive Thai people, who don’t like to make the same mistakes twice: they prefer to try new, exotic ones, bless ’em.

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