How does the Thai Minimum Wage work?Thai cleaning lady minimum wage

The National Wage Committee has decided not to not raise the minimum wage until late next year as the cost of living remains at a reasonable level. According to Permanent Secretary to the Ministry of Labor Mr. Nakorn Silapa-archa, the wage committee has resolved not to increase the daily minimum wage given that the inflation rate and the global oil prices have declined. However, Mr. Nakorn, who is also the president of the National Wage Committee, said they would deliberate on an unofficial proposal from the labor union suggesting that the daily wage be increased to 321 baht ($10, or $220/mo). Another meeting will be held at the end of 2015 to consider the possibility of adjusting the wage again. Following concerns of higher costs of living after the salaries of low ranking government officials have been increased, the Commerce Ministry will try to make everyday items more affordable for consumers, the Permanent Secretary said, adding that the prices of most products remain unchanged.

Most workers in the North are paid less than the legal minimum, and rural workers are paid even less. The men who are constructing the new condo building next door to me – hard, dangerous work – are certainly not. Here’s a video of them doing their thing.

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