Thai Minimum Wage

How does the Thai Minimum Wage work? The National Wage Committee has decided not to not raise the minimum wage until late next year as the cost of living remains at a reasonable level. According to Permanent Secretary to the Ministry of Labor Mr. Nakorn Silapa-archa, the wage committee has resolved not to increase the […]

Transferring Money to Thailand

Bangkok bank cash

Before you start transferring money to Thailand, even before you leave home: Beware!… your cable, utility, etc. vendor will tell you that your accounts are cancelled. Don’t believe your vendor! Many accounts I thought were cancelled are not. They just kept billing me – which is really bad if you have auto billing. The rats […]

Thai Bank Deposits for US Citizens

Thai Bank Deposits for US Citizens

Thai Bank Deposits for US Citizens Thai bak deposits for US citizens can seem a little tricky at first, but there’s a relatively easy way to handle them. If you’re a US bank account holder you can save international transfer fees via the US Automated Clearing House system (USACH) and Bangkok Bank’s New York branch. By […]