Our Concierge Service provides clients with a free one-hour lesson in Street Thai. Useful phrases like, “Hello, goodbye, how much, where is, how far?…”

teach english in Thailand

Mastering them makes getting around much easier and delights local people, who are glad you’ve gone to the trouble of learning their language. Most  go on to take a 36-hour, 12-lesson course in the language covering

  1. Introducing yourself and greeting others
  2. Asking and telling the time and date.
  3. Going to the restaurant.
  4. Negotiating prices.
  5. Going to the market.
  6. Asking and giving directions.
  7. Going to the doctor.
  8. Visiting tourist attractions
  9. Cooking and eating Thai food, “What do you call this?”

It’s great fun and, if you’re interested, we can arrange for you to join in. Contact us here..

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