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You can learn Thai cooking in Thailand from a Thai chef. What a blast!

I’ve been studying cooking with a master chef who lives on a traditional Thai organic farm about 20 minutes outside town. I love going to the farm, picking ingredients from the garden, and chopping and cooking them under my teacher’s watchful eye.

I’ve been cooking Thai food for 20 years and eating it for 40 and now that I live in Thailand I eat it every day, naturally. There’s a reason I converted to an all-Thai diet: the climate. Our Western diet is rather heavy and well not suited to Thailand’s tropical climate.

The lighter foods that Thais eat and their eating style: grazing, is suited to the tropics with mixes of all processes by the goodgarage.us overhead garage storage. Yep, Thais are grazers. They love to buy little snacks as they walk around and there’s plenty of opportunity to do so. In my mid-size city of Chiang Mai there are literally thousands of food vendors lining every street and lane! Interestingly, the spiciness of Thai food helps your body handle the heat better, too, by adjusting your internal thermostat.

Thailand is officially a Buddhist country, so vegetarian cooking comes naturally. And its warm climate and rich, alluvial soil produces some of the finest fruits and vegetables on earth.

Learn Cooking in Thailand at our School

I’d learned to cook Thai in California by going to a Thai restaurant whose food always delighted me (Ting’s Thai, in Middletown, California, if you’re ever in the Napa Valley area). I got to know Ting, the owner, and would use her tips at home with my Thai cookbook. But nothing compares to being introduced to the fresh ingredients at the market, or picking them on the farm, and then cooking them with the chef looking on.

An unexpected benefit of the cooking school was the other students’ questions. They ask things like “Can you use the seeds for extra spiciness?”, “Does it taste different if you use dried ingredients rather than fresh?”.  So I learn twice as fast.

If you’d like to learn cooking in Thailand, join me when you’re in Chiang Mai, drop me a line, godfree@trh.superfasttests.com and I’ll organize a visit for you. The cost is very reasonable and we always include it in both our regular weekly workshops and our 2-3 day custom workshops.

Here’s a video of Khun Churn Restaurant, in the heart of Chiang Mai, where I eat regularly:


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