Keith’s Chiang Mai Apartment

When clients ask about apartments in Chiang Mai I recommend visiting Hillside 3 as a reference. It’s affordable and in a handy location.

Ping View Apartments Chiang Mai
Ping View Apartments Chiang Mai

Once you’ve done that, here are some helpful apartment renting sites:

Keith Allen found an apartment he likes and here’s what he has to say about it:

“Godfree, I wanted to write you about my new apartment. I imagine you have people asking you about possible living quarters. I want to suggest they look at and seriously  consider Ping View Apts.    I have a 900 sq ft apartment with dual views. I have an unbelievable 4th floor view, through the huge smoked glass windows, of Doi Suthep (I’ll attach some pictures also). Through the front panel of windows I have a view of the flood control lock on the Ping River. At night the lights are absolutely beautiful as they reflect off of the shimmering water. I am also only about 10 minutes away from Old Town and even closer to the Hang dong Big C if I take the first inner ring Hwy. – the exit being about a mile away. Being about 1 mile from the inner ring Hwy puts me in striking distance of almost anywhere in Chiang Mai in very short order.  As they say; Location, location, location. Read more…

More than location are the amenities here at Ping View. Daniel and his wife live on site so everything is constantly maintained. There is a swimming pool and a small exercise room.  Daniel has designed this to be retirement friendly if you so desire. The door fob opener I received has my  floor pre-programmed in it for the elevator service. I just pop in the elevator and put the fob against the receiver and I’m whisked to my floor. I have twice a week maid service and free internet included. I thought by looking at the building that I would never be able to afford an apt here. It is about the same cost as a lower cost house in Old Town.

The reason I wanted to let you know about this place is not because I’ll receive some money or rent for promoting Ping View. I just think a job well done deserves to be praised and promoted.

– Keith

PS:  You can also say that I spend less than 15,000 Bt a month. My apartment is also in the middle range of square footage. I know there is an apartment that is on the same floor as mine and about 1500 less. I also know on the sixth floor there some apartments are much larger. I can’t say enough good things about the owner and his wife. there was a knock on my door about 930 this morning. There stood the owner and his daughter with a couple of hot scones for me. I’m sitting here at my desk looking down at the lock on the Ping River and then turn my head 45° to the left and I have a beautiful view of Doi Suthep. I’m also about equal distance between the clouds and the Earth which makes for a spectacular view of storm clouds.  All this, and the other amenities I noted, for less than $500 a month.

Here’s a typical Hillside 3 apartment:

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  1. Thanks for the update. The book was most helpful. Being forced to retire next year. Chiang Mai looks like my best option.

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