More Ghosts in Thailand…

After an army officer said he smelled “ancient perfume” and experienced paranormal activity – as he and his soldiers were moving furniture from Naree Samosorn Building inside the Government House compound last week – officials at Government House were forced to perform a religious ceremony during efforts to renovate the building.

“I was so scared I had goosebumps,” said the officer, who did not give his name, “because I know that many people have been haunted at Naree building.”Thai Ghost

The operation was immediately halted, and Government House officials lit incense and “informed” the spirits that they merely wanted to renovate the compound so that the Government House would be more beautiful. Army staff claim they have not encountered any spirits since.

The renovation is restricted to decoration and the repairing of the older buildings, while the main structures will be left unchanged. Government House is currently registered as a protected historic site by the Department of Fine Arts, so major changes are almost impossible.

Thai newspapers estimate that the renovation will cost more than 300 million baht ($10 million, though coup leaders have disputed the figure, they’ve refused to unveil the exact cost.

Thai news reporters based at Government House say many staff routinely witness ghosts in the building. Among the more memorable encounters were a red-clad ancient warrior, a royal steward, and a headless woman dressed in traditional costume.

Here’s a video about ghost-hunting in Thailand:

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