Corruption? In Thailand? Never!!

1,157 people surveyed throughout Thailand told Suan Dusit University that the government will be unable to combat corruption because it is so deep-rooted. It suggests the public has little confidence in the government’s boast that it can tackle the scourge. The survey sought people’s opinions on corruption cases involving several government agencies currently in the news.Thailand Corruption

Asked whether they think the government can solve the problem, 56% said “no”, 23% said they are uncertain, and 20% think the government could use its extraordinary powers to get rid of it. 44% said corruption in the bureaucracy is deep-rooted and has long caused damage to the country; 29% said the bureaucracy should undergo a major overhaul; 19% said it has damaged the government’s image and reputation; 12% say the laws are full of loopholes, conducive to corrupt practices; and 8% said the media should keep reporting on corruption cases straightforwardly.

Corruption? In Thailand? Did We Get Scammed? Watch the video:

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