Chiang Mai a UNESCO Site?

Chiang Mai’s 800-year-old, moated Old City has begun to consider applying for UNESCO World Heritage listing as a registered UNESCO Site.

Chiang Mai University’s Faculty of Fine Arts will host a seminar “Chiang Mai and the Road to UNESCO World Heritage Listing ” in Bangkok on 13 September to share opinions and develop contingency plans for the city of Chiang Mai if it were on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.
The forum, at the Wang Na Theatre in Bangkok, will brainstorm a bid to include the Chiang Mai city area (‘old town’) on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

Anek Sihamart, Director-General of the Fine Arts Department, said the the proposal, “Monuments, Sites and Cultural Landscape of Chiang Mai, Capital of Lanna” would be submitted to UNESCO after the department conducted a study on the provincial government’s readiness and the local people’s enthusiasm for the changes that would be required.

Old Chiang Mai eassily meets UNESCO’s four selection criteria

  1. town-planning,
  2. diversity,
  3. important interchange of human values and
  4. exceptional testimony to a cultural tradition.

If Chiang Mai is approved by UNESCO as a Heritage site, it will be the fourth UNESCO Cultural World Heritage Site in Thailand.

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