Big Snake in Chiang Mai

Big Snake in Chiang Mai

A local man, Petrung Noithai, a district councillor, discovered the snake in Chiang Mai. It was in his garden and he called rescue officials around 5.30am. He said he was woken up by the sound of his panic-stricken fighting cocks after the snake got into their coop behind his house. He used a long wooden pole […]

Thailand’s Dangerous Elephants

wild elephant kills monk

Beware of Thailand’s Dangerous Elephants Thais are easygoing about personal safety. If you want to play with a tiger or a snake, they’ll let you. They assume you know the risks. If the tiger mauls you, the crocodile bites you, or the snake crushes you…that’s your business. There’s no legal recourse. No-one holds you back from […]