Making Money In Thailand

What About Making Money in Thailand? A British friend who’s making money in Thailand by managing Chiang Mai’s swankest private hotel told me he’s “a slave to TripAdvisor”: as soon as he wakes he checks TripAdvisor. A bad review can wreck months of hard work. You, too, can be such a slave… May 10, 2016: Several of […]

Markets in Chiang Mai

Markets in Chiang Mai

Every day, dawn until dusk, Chiang Mai is bustling with a variety of markets squeezed onto sidewalks, set up under rows of tents, or spread out under huge pavilions. Here’s a look at some of the most popular wholesale, fresh food, secondhand, walking street markets in Chiang Mai: Sompet Market This market is best known for […]

Top 10 Thailand blogs

What are the Top 10 Thailand blogs? These top Thailand blogs are insiders’ look at places you don’t get from news outlets. These Thailand blogs are mainly written by long-term expats living here in the Land of Smiles and cover just about everything from the world of Thai food to learning how to speak the five Thai […]

Import Pets to Thailand

How Do You Import Pets to Thailand? My wife and I will be relocating to Chiang Mai in mid Oct. We’ll be bringing our dog and, in checking the airport website, it’s not clear if we need to contact them before arriving or not.  If you can shed any light on the subject it would be […]