Vaccinations in Thailand may be wise: Rabies in Paradise?

Reader Rich suggested that everyone consider rabies vaccinations: “Today I went to Bangkok’s primary hospital that deals with vaccinations with the most expertise. My Thai wife worked here for 20+ years as an RN before she and I ever met.  Anyways, I wanted to make sure my vaccinations as a farang were up to date. I was here 1 time before in 2013. All was up to date. No boosters needed yet.

But the doctor recommended I seriously consider the rabies vaccination, one that was unavailable still 4 years ago.  I am glad she brought this up, I had read about this vaccine on the Bangkok Post during the past year, and I knew I already wanted to get it.  Well both my wife and I got our 1st shot for rabies vaccine. Will get booster in 7 days. And then 3rd shot and final booster in 3 weeks. I believe each shot is about $10 (my wife is busy talking with all her coworkers and paying for everything so this farang doesn’t get to study the costs as the new to Thailand student that I am).vaccinations in Thailand

The Bangkok Post and this vaccine clinic doctor today, both say the rabies vaccine will protect against the threat of rabies from a soi dog bite, the biggest realistic threat, and also rabid monkeys, rabid rats, and rabid bats that are commonly have the disease.  I say, 1 bite from a rabid animal could ruin your whole day.

The hospital is a Thai government hospital. But the private hospitals must be offering this vaccine also, along with English speaking staff and signage.
If you have any questions, I’ll be happy to try to answer.

Thank you, Rich

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