Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine in Thailand goes back to the 13th century, so there are some wonderful practitioners here.  I’ve been using Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for years. It’s the quickest, cheapest way I know to re-balance my system after an illness or an accident – or if my energy is flat and I need to get something done.

To my delight I discovered that we’ve got one of Southeast Asia’s finest TCM practitioners  in Chiang Mai, where I live. The daughter of an acupuncturist, Dr. Boonrat grew up cultivating the herbs she now prescribes, and being shown the secrets of Traditional Chinese Medicine by her father, a famous doctor. She now heads a beautiful clinic situated in the middle of town.

chinese medicine in thailand
Traditional Chinese Medicine in Thailand: Mungkala Clinic Exterior

We’ve found that the healthier people become when they move to Thailand, the happier they are living here. So, as part of our Health Day package, we provide a 30-minute consultation with Dr. Boonrat on health, diet and exercise.

She explains what you can and cannot afford to eat, what time of day is best to eat it, and how much and what kinds of exercises you need for problem-free health. She’s a charming grandmother with the skin of a teenager, and following her advice is the smartest thing I’ve ever done for my health.

Her TCM advice to me? Simple stuff like what to eat for breakfast and what kinds of exercise and alcoholic beverages work for me. It literally changed my life and doubled my endurance. It can change yours just as dramatically and  inexpensively, too. An ounce of medical prevention is worth a million dollars worth of medical insurance.

acupuncture thailand
Chinese Traditional Medicine Mungkala Clinic Interior

The Thais have adapted 5,000 years of TCM to their local conditions and herbs, which is why they have such strong, steady energy. TCM addresses diet, exercise, and bodily energy in unique, effective, and gentle ways using herbs and acupuncture. There are no ‘side-effects’ with TCM, and none of the disastrous consequences of pharmaceutical drugs.

We always take our clients to see Dr. Bunrat. It’s fun, interesting, and extremely good for your health! The clinic garden alone is worth the visit: all the herbs and trees (planted by her father 100 years ago) are labelled with the medical names, and the architecture of the building is very traditional. She often combines her own examination  (including your complexion, smell, gait, and posture) with blood reports from the University Medical Center lab. She’s not at all narrow in her approach to health, and her explanations of what’s going on with you are always amazing. The results are even better.

So whether you take the workshop or just want to get healthy, schedule a visit to Dr. Bunrat and the Mungkala Clinic. You’ll never forget it.

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