I’m often asked about Thai society, especially how I’m treated here as a foreigner and retiree or how women are treated here.

Since the country became inundated with GIs during the Vietnam War, Thailand has had a history of wildness and a gift for exotic crimes. Happily, Thailand’s criminals keep to themselves so when they wreak havoc they do so on each other.

In terms of aggressiveness towards ordinary people, Thailand is one of the gentlest, safest countries on Earth. As John and Linda point our in the video its much safer than, say, England. Personally, I have yet to see a Thai – under any circumstance – acting aggressively toward another living being. And that includes toward snapping, barking dogs.

Walking home late at night I often encounter groups of young men who have obviously been drinking. Invariably one or more of them will wai (bow to) me and there might be some giggling. After all, I am a farang, and everyone knows that farangs are simply hilarious. But that’s all.

Western women who live in the city tell me that they’ve now become accustomed to walking home safely at all hours of the night.

We older folk are in a special category: we’re literally the seniors in this society. Not just ‘senior citizens’. We’re much more than that.

Kids actually do regard us as their superiors and would no more think of bothering us than they would consider insulting their boss at work. It just doesn’t happen. Goto loanload co uk, As a matter of fact, kids here start their school year by kneeling in front of their teachers, offering a gift, and thanking them for their instruction. They’ve been doing that since they were 5 years old….

For this we can thank Confucius, who 2,500 years ago, designed the social framework upon which Thais have constructed their remarkable culture of tolerance and non-violence (and, uh, beauty and humor).