Thai sex shows 100 years ago: a Humorous Tale with Interesting Pornographic Elements:

Thai sex shows 100 years ago arrive long before the influx of GIs during the Vietnam War have revived  sex shows, but this kind of entertainment had already emerged as a feature of Bangkok night life by the 1920s.

In Sayam Rat, a popular newspaper from those times, described how employees from the Chai-oi ngiw (Chinese folk opera) walked around the city streets carrying placards advertising performances as “a humorous tale with interesting pornographic elements”–and Thai sex shows were born.

The campaign drew large crowds, largely from the Chinese community, to see a show that featured young male and female performers on stage. According the newspaper, the show began with the two protagonists admiring scenery in a garden, flirting with one another, then ‘falling in love’. As the performance unfolds the performers strip down and proceed to simulate copulation in a most ‘realistic fashion’ before a packed audience who ‘cheered them on enthusiastically’.

Sex With Ladyboys?

Expat Dan Cheeseman says 38% of expats in his area have had a sexual encounter with a lady-boy. He surveyed 300 subscribers to his newsletter and  80% of respondents at least said they found lady-boys attractive, so the 38% figure seems realistic, though Dan did not specify what an ‘encounter’ actually constituted. Another 16% who said they had not had a sexual experience also said they did not rule out the chance were it to present itself.

Here’s a video about Thai sex shows:

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