I’m Making a Thai Will after my first client died suddenly. He had not made a Thai will and I was called on to help sort out a remarkably complicated situation that involved a girlfriend (whom everyone, including the deceased client and his relatives, wanted to receive a lion’s share of the estate), three banks, the Social Security Administration, a property lease and a property sale-in-progress, three reluctant insurance companies … and no Thai will.

Happily, everyone pulled together. His Thai business partner found his contacts list on his phone, a brother was summoned from the UK, a lawyer found who had the unsigned documents, and it got worked out. But it required 5 people who didn’t know each other spending a week to make the same thing happen because they all wanted the intended beneficiary to get everything possible from the estate. If any of us had objected the entire affair (including the client’s body!) would have remained frozen.

My guy charges 5,000 Baht for Making a Thai Will. I haven’ checked any other providers because, having seen him in action in this case, I wouldn’t have anyone else involved. He made everything happen. And remember, he was working with documents that were unsigned and hadn’t even paid for the will when he dies. For that kind of service, $5K sounds cheap. Here’s the information you’ll need:

  1. Passport copies – yourself, the beneficiaries and Executor
  2. Address – yourself and the beneficiaries
  3. Assets – what will go where / to who
  4. Copy of Bank book
  5. Copy of car / bike book
  6. Would yo be cremated?
  7. Who is the executor?

OK, here’s some straight talk about making a will in Thailand:

I’m Making a Thai Will…and so should you–especially if you drive in Thailand!

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