Learn to Speak Thai
Learn to Speak Thai

You can learn to speak Thai! An Australian friend, who only learned Thai because his Thai girlfriend threatened to drop him otherwise, gave me three great tips:

  1. Learn the numbers first. Numbers are universal, everyone uses them every day, and they always mean the same thing. Learning them also taught me something about patterns and intonations, and every time I paid my bill at the restaurant or checkout stand I’d repeat the numbers I’d just heard and the server would correct my pronunciation (amidst lots of giggles).
  2. Set your smartphone and computer to remind you when to do your language exercise each day. After some trial and error, I found a time of day when I’m almost always free and can run through my exercises.
  3. Use the Learn Thai app. It’s the quickest and most convenient way to begin. The Learn Thai app from Codegent is free, easy to learn, and beautifully designed (it has men’s and women’s tracks because the genders have slightly different vocabularies). Best of all, it’s free. Yep. $0.

It’s surprisingly easy to speak Thai. And amazing how far you can go on a smile and a few phrases. Thais are happy that you’ve taken the time to learn “please”, “thank you”, and “you’re welcome”. And if you think you’re no good at languages, think again; you can learn enough Thai to get around while you’re on the plane to Thailand.

If you decide to live in Thailand we’ve got a ton of choices for you. We can organize private sessions with Thai grad students who will coach you in their language in exchange for you sharpening their English and buying them lunch. There are podcasts, books, CDs, and formal Thai Language classes. And of course you’ll be surrounded by Thais and their language all the time.

Learn to Speak Thai: Your First Language

Here are 10 four-minute Thai language lessons that will have you speaking Thai to the stewardess as soon as you get on the plane. It’s that easy. This is the introductory language course we use and the introductory sessions are free. The first three lessons’ printed premium PDF guides are also free to download. Then if you wish you can sign up for the premium edition…

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