Thailand Medical Checkup

Personally, I chose to get healthy in Thailand because, after my business melted down during the financial crisis, I was strung out and depressed. Fortunately, it’s easier to get healthy here than anywhere on earth. Here’s what I mean:

Yoga is a simple, gentle method of stretching and relaxing every muscle and tendon in the body.  Nobody cares how “good” you are, because it’s completely non-competitive. Every body is different, everyone has different needs. Everyone moves at their own pace. The only thing everyone has in common is feeling wonderful at the end of yoga class and for the days that follow. Practicing yoga is excellent anywhere in the world, but yoga in Chiang Mai is something special. Learn more about where to practice yoga in Chiang Mai here.

It’s even easier to to stay healthy than get healthy in Chiang Mai. Whenever I feel like a break I eat a 3-course Buddhist vegetarian lunch in a Thai garden ($4).

Once you’ve gotten healthy here you’ll have a whole new outlook on life.  Your energy level will double and things you never even considered before will now seem not only attractive–but possible.  Maybe a hike into Burma?  The border is only a few hours away.  Or snorkeling at Pattaya Beach?  Or starting a business?  It’s amazing what extra energy does too your point of view…

Incidentally, all these healthy things – plus even more comprehensive medical tests and attention – are  included in our personalized Health Day. If you’re serious about getting your health in order, this program is a must – even better, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg!

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