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“Why anyone would move to Thailand without Godfree's help is beyond me. We tried trudging from one un-airconditioned office to another, getting documents from the Consulate, hunting for a condo on foot and explaining my pension plan to a banker who didn't understand much English. After two days we'd had enough. Then we heard about Godfree's Concierge service and – bam! – we got everything handled by nightfall the next day".

Prof. Eric Eiser
ex-Brooklyn, now Chiang Mai


“I was on a deadline with much to accomplish and needed someone with knowledge, contacts and experience. I got that and more.  You turned two weeks of research, paperwork and waiting in offices into a two-day, relatively painless, effective, smooth process. (Also enjoyed the sight-seeing, good food and excellent conversation with which you filled the time between our many appointments). –Thanks Godfree. 


Scott Roach, PhD.
Business Consultant

"After a life of toil I decided to get the most out of every minute of my new life in Thailand. I figured that life's too short to waste time on paperwork and house-hunting. So I hired Godfree's firm to handle it and they had me comfortably settled in 3 days. House, car, licences, visas. Consider me impressed".

Conrad Goehausen

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