Cold weather in Chiang Mai makes winter everyone’s favorite season. Visitors from steamy Bangkok stream north to simply enjoy cold weather…in Thailand! Everyone spends an extra half hour snuggling in the mornings, then dons ski boots and colorful scarves and heads into the crisp, clear weather. The cold is the source of great pride and much

Chiang Mai Cold Weather dog
Chiang Mai Cold Weather Dog

conversation. Dogs go off duty and stop barking at passersby until mid-morning. Everyone’s late for work. Rumors abound about frost on distant mountains. It’s every bit as much fun as winter in Vermont…without the actual cold. It’s no secret that this 3-month cold snap is a Chiang Mai lure – even for retirees who love Thailand’s warmth.

The temperature on Chiang Mai’s Doi Inthanon, Thailand’s highest mountain, plunged on Wednesday to a chilly 5 degrees Celsius. 41F, down from 6 degrees the previous day. “If the weather continues like this, we’ll see frozen dew in the mornings soon,” said Park director Rung Hiranwong. Down in Chiang Mao proper, mornings are gettng steadily chillier as the cloud cover retreats. The next clear night will see thin-blooded Chiangmains break out the ski hats and and  woolen socks.With that introduction, read and enjoy this headline from  Thailand’s National News Bureau:

Cold Temperatures hit Chiang Mai, Hospitals see Rash of Pneumonia Patients

CHIANG MAI, 12 October (Autumn in Thailand) – The Public Health Office in Chiang Mai province has warned locals of falling temperatures and continuous rain.
Several areas in the province have experienced continuous rain as the region enters the winter season. This morning, Chiang Mai recorded lows of 20 degrees Celsius (68ºF) and Mueang district saw temperatures fall between 1 and 4 degrees Celsius from the same time yesterday.
The Public Health Office has issued health warnings, after a number of people were hospitalized with respiratory illnesses. Many suffered from cold or pneumonia, which are both caused by viruses that thrive in cold conditions.
Cold patients usually require a week to recover, but complications can arise, resulting pneumonia. Pneumonia symptoms include high fever, excessive coughing, hyperventilation, and discolored phlegm. Officials advise those exhibiting these symptoms to seek immediate medical attention.
Meanwhile in Bueng Kan province, morning temperatures held at 20 degrees Celsius. Local fishing operators suffered from poor visibility due to fog on the Mekong River.

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