Professional TEFL Teaching in Thailand

[This post is a continuation of Teaching English in Thailand]. There are special requirements for TEFL teaching in Thailand, but professional TEFL Teaching in Thailand can be much more lucrative than casual classroom teaching. Most professional TEFL instructors teach teachers in Thailand have advanced degrees in the subject. This is a quick survey of the possibilities if you’re thinking of becoming a professional TEFL teacher and moving to Thailand. Most countries have a standard requirement… [Read More]

Teach English In Thailand 12 Tips

Twelve Tips About Teaching English In Thailand For anyone wanting to teach English in Thailand, here are seven useful tips about Teaching English in Thailand. There have been some significant changes in how the Education Department is certifying English teachers. A client asked my advice on the changes, I forwarded her email to the headmistress of an international school in Bangkok and asked her advice on how to get started teaching English in Thailand. With the… [Read More]

Thailand Retirement Helpers