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Thailand Internet: 5 Years Use

What can you expect from Thailand Internet: 5 years use has taught me some useful lessons. Lesson 1. A year is a long time. I signed a normal, ironclad, 12-month service

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Smoke in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai doesn’t have the usual seasonal progression. Our seasons begin when the rains stop in November and the mornings turns chilly. Last year it was so cold that people

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Thaksin Shinawatra Coup

Thailand’s Human Rights

Thailand’s Human Rights Have you heard about Thailand’s Human Rights? Thailand’s recent coup d’etat has been surprisingly well-received by even my Red Shirt friends. Like them, I’ve been a steady supporter of

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Stress Free Retirement to Thailand

Stress Free Retirement to Thailand With one of the lowest costs of living in the world and high quality of life, Thailand has become one of the top retirement destinations

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Thailand budget

Money in Thailand’s Booming Economy

Money in Thailand’s Booming Economy is something of a mystery. Thailand takes a libertarian approach to government, so if you’re a close libertarian, this is the place for you. Taxes

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Thai Street Food Safety

Thai street food safety is not mysterious. Apply this rule of thumb to eating Thai street food and save yourself embarrassment and discomfort: freshly cooked and freshly peeled food only.

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Live A Middle-Class Life in Thailand?

Could you Live a Middle-Class Life in Thailand? Do you want to live as you did in your $7,000/mo, $750,000 California-style house? Or would you be content to live a middle-class life in

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Ping View Apartments Chiang Mai
Personal Stories

Keith’s Chiang Mai Apartment

Keith’s Chiang Mai Apartment When clients ask about apartments in Chiang Mai I recommend visiting Hillside 3 as a reference. It’s affordable and in a handy location. Once you’ve done that,

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Thai Immigration Visits Me

What Happens When Thai Immigration Visits Me? The USA and the UK are relaxed about foreigners but, when Thai Immigration visits me I find that’s not true in Thailand.  Your registered Thai

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