Western Women in Thailand

Western women in Thailand have an entirely different take on life there. Because the media has created an image of beautiful, promiscuous Thai girls married Western women often hesitate to move to Thailand. But, as Nancy points out in the video below, there’s no need to worry or delay.

Thai women are like women everywhere: naturally conservative and  strongly integrated into their families, which play a much bigger role in their lives than families do in the West. Thai parents have the last word on all important decisions in the children’s lives until they are fully independent with families of their own. Even after that, they will always be consulted on everything of importance.

Thai mothers do not want their daughters to be bar girls any more than Western mothers do. Since there is still a staggering level of wealth disparity in Thailand (slowly improving) there are poor rural and ‘tribal’ girls whose parents could not afford education for them and who are left with few employment opportunities of any kind. Their English is almost non-existent, even their Thai is often limited, and they are employed to get money from customers who frequent bars. They are desperate to get out and will say and do almost anything to escape their situation. No Thai man will have them. They are close to the bottom of the social order. Some men marry them and make happy marriages. Some don’t.

Western Women in Thailand

Western Women in Thailand

Thai women are so strongly integrated into their culture that few survive long abroad. It’s a general rule that, after 3 year in a foreign country, a Thai woman will begin to wilt, like an orchid torn from its tree.

There is a thriving women’s culture in Thailand; much stronger than in most Western countries. It may be partly because their men are such chauvinists and philanderers. But Thai women hang together and enjoy each other’s intimacy for hours every day. I love to hear them cracking up as they chat to neighbors in the cool of the evenings. Usually over a cold beer and nibbles.

As you can tell from what Nancy says on the video, Western women find it easy to plug into the Thai women’s culture, which is thriving. You can too. We’ll introduce you around.

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