Thai Culture

Thai culture is equally fascinating and frustrating – especially as a foreigner living in Thailand. Take a look at the resources below to learn more about what makes the Thais tick.

The Culture of Thailand

I’m a culture geek and  Thailand’ culture is my main amusement. I’ve lived in five  cultures – Australian, Japanese, American, Fijian, and Thai – and loved ‘em all. But the culture of Thailand is a real collector’s item. If you want to see an intricate, Oriental culture that really works, look no further than Thailand! Cultures are pre-solved environments composed of myths, ideologies, assumptions, rules, regulations, laws, customs and attitudes which help its members get along with each other… [Read More]

Thai Society

I’m often asked about Thai society, especially how I’m treated here as a foreigner and retiree or how women are treated here. Since the country became inundated with GIs during the Vietnam War, Thailand has had a history of wildness and a gift for exotic crimes. Happily, Thailand’s criminals keep to themselves so when they wreak havoc they do so on each other. In terms of aggressiveness towards ordinary people, Thailand is one of the… [Read More]

Safety and Security in Thailand

What about security and safety in Thailand? At my age I’m much more aware of personal safety than I used to be, so when I settled in Thailand I began observing the local scene pretty closely. What I found set me at ease and I’m happy to say that my ease has deepened steadily over the intervening years. There are two aspects of security and safety in Thailand.  One has existed in the shadows for a… [Read More]

Learn to Speak Thai

You can learn to speak Thai! An Australian friend, who only learned Thai because his Thai girlfriend threatened to drop him otherwise, gave me three great tips: Learn the numbers first. Numbers are universal, everyone uses them every day, and they always mean the same thing. Learning them also taught me something about patterns and intonations, and every time I paid my bill at the restaurant or checkout stand I’d repeat the numbers I’d just heard and… [Read More]

Thai Women

The prospect of relationships with Thai women brings thousands of men to the Land of Smiles every year. There are several reasons for their pilgrimage. Thai women don’t discriminate against foreigners. Thailand was never colonized, so there’s no stigma. They don’t discriminate against older men. On the contrary, older men are prized partners. Thai women respect and take pride in being seen with older men, who are presumed to be wise and generous. Foreigners are… [Read More]

Western Women in Thailand

Western women in Thailand have an entirely different take on life there. Because the media has created an image of beautiful, promiscuous Thai girls married Western women often hesitate to move to Thailand. But, as Nancy points out in the video below, there’s no need to worry or delay. Thai women are like women everywhere: naturally conservative and  strongly integrated into their families, which play a much bigger role in their lives than families do… [Read More]

Volunteering in Thailand

There’s plenty of opportunities to contribute to Thai society by volunteering in Thailand. The country is still emerging from feudalism and all kinds of people are lagging behind as economic growth accelerates. Here’s a very partial list, with links, of some of the programs that Todd Cikraji runs out of his office in Chiang Mai’s Friends for Asia. For a fee, they handle every aspect of volunteering including visas, cultural and language training – even accommodation. If… [Read More]

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