How to Retire in Thailand and Double Your Income

How to Retire in Thailand Godfree Roberts, Ed.D.

  • If you're wondering where to retire or where the cheapest places to retire are, then you'll see, after reading this book, why Thailand is one of the top places to retire and how people on fixed incomes can retire comfortably in Thailand on as little $1200 a month. Retiring in Thailand is about more than just finding the most affordable places to retire--it's about a beautiful country and a wonderful culture. Just learning about saving or making money won't make you truly happy if you don't get along well with the people, their culture or understand the basics of their communication style. This book will help you truly understand this magnificent country and all it has to offer some financial retirement planning advice, as well, of course. Learn about everyday living in Thailand, such as learning the basics of the Thai language, insider shopping scoops, tips on eating Thai food, and ow to make Thai friends. Understand how and why Thailand's culture is so different from ours: the manners and customs. And as you're planning for retirement, you'll also want to know about budgeting, what is the cost of living in Thailand, advice about working there, types of jobs, how to find and get a job, and how to get a visa. This book tells you all that and more. This book is thorough and detailed, giving you detailed spreadsheets of living costs, right down to Cable TV and Internet service. It also includes precise costs of the common medical and dental procedures, from ordinary fillings to hip replacements! Of course there are detailed budgets, plus useful links to government websites, travel services and more. Speaking of travel services, the book covers every major Thailand destination and gives livability guides for each. There's even a chapter devoted to visiting Thailand for free. So Download your copy now.
  • Thailand Retirement LLC
  • 144 pages

Retire in Thailand and double your income, in 100+ pages we examine the best Thailand retirement options for your age and income, and the cost of living in Thailand comfortably.

You will learn:

  • How to live in comfort and beauty for a fraction of the cost. Starting now
  • Why your income doubles when you move to Thailand
  • Where to live
  • How much to pay
  • A detailed budget
  • How to get the visa you want
  • Just how much you’ll pay for quality medical and dental care
  • Legal ways to start earning money in Thailand the moment you arrive
  • How to understand Thai culture…and fit in
  • How to pay for your entire trip with planning
  • How to Retire in Thailand and Double Your Income
  • And finally, how to save 50% on your air fare

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