Money Matters in Thailand

How much to retire in Thailand? Wondering what things cost in Chiang Mai? How to manage your Thai banking? What you can expect to spend on visas? Take a look at the resources below regarding all finance matters in Thailand.

If you’re asking yourself “how much money do I need to live in Thailand?”, you need to take a look at our handy articles to help you determine how much money do you need to retire in Thailand.

Cost of Living in Thailand for Expats

The cost of living in Thailand for Expats is shockingly low $1200/month buys a $3,000/month lifestyle in Thailand. Let’s look at the details needed to determine cost to live of living in Thailand for expats: Prices for Accommodation in Thailand A large part of the living cost in Thailand is made up of accommodation, as it would be in any country. I spent $80/month, including utilities, on my working-class studio apartment. It let me live close to the… [Read More]

Accommodation in Chiang Mai

Finding accommodation in Thailand, especially accommodation in Chiang Mai, is the least of your problems. For example: that’s my place in the picture on the right. It’s brand new, has 24-hour security, and it’s on a quiet, wooded, hillside street near the university. I pay $240/month for it, fully furnished with a large, bright bathroom, air-conditioning, a bedroom, study, kitchen, living room and unlimited cable Internet. You may not be able to tell from the picture but,… [Read More]

Cheap Travel To Thailand

Cheap travel to and from Thailand is a necessity. I fly from Thailand twice a year, to Australia (family) and California (friends) or Europe (to see Europe). I also try to see as much of  southeast Asia as possible. But I have to afford this lifestyle on my income from Social Security, book royalties, and workshop fees. So I’m a skinflint when it comes to finding cheap flights. I can’t stand airports or cramped seats… [Read More]

Shopping in Thailand

Shopping in Thailand is more fun than shopping at home because there are so many things you’ve never seen before and because they are so darn cheap! That’s the good news. The rest of the story is not so rosy for newcomers. I went nuts for my first few months in Thailand because I couldn’t find anything I needed – even though I knew it was there. You see, Thais don’t use maps and their idea… [Read More]

Motorcycles in Thailand

Nick’s Motorcycle in Thailand Riding a motorcycle or scooter in Thailand comes with a different set of responsibilities and dangers than it does at home. I love motorcycles and scooters. They make traffic a joke. I enjoyed slicing through peak hour traffic and finding gaps in stopped and slow traffic. If you plan to walk, bicycle, use public transport, or drive a car, you don’t need my advice. But if you might drive a motorcycle... [Read More]

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