A major reason for living in Thailand is to take advantage of its world class – and affordable – health care system. Here, your money not only goes further, but a day at the doctor is much more relaxed and enjoyable thanks to the friendly Thai culture and Thais’ emphasis on comfort.

As we age, preventative care and early detection is the best way to keep fit and healthy. Of course, we want to see our clients going strong so we created this opportunity to have a comprehensive full-body exam in one of Chiang Mai’s leading hospitals while traveling in comfort and dining in style.

For just 27,000 baht we have you checked out from head to toe along with:

  • Comfortable, air-conditioned transportation
  • Medical and dental fees (excludes government and filing fees)
  • Lunch at a dream restaurant
  • Information on health insurance
  • Follow-up consultations with specialists to whom you are referred by your examining physician
  • Local insights on health in Thailand (like dengue fever and cooling tricks)

Your medical exam takes 4 hours and tests for or includes:

  • Full physical examination
  • CBC – complete blood count, platelet count and RBC – red blood cell count
  • Urinalysis
  • Fecal occult blood test
  • Fasting blood sugar – glucose
  • Kidney Function Test – BUN and creatinine
  • Uric Acid
  • Lipid profile – Cholesterol, Triglyceride, High Density Lipoprotein, Low Density Lipoprotein, Very Low Density Lipoprotein.
  • Liver Function – total protein, albumin, globulin, total bilirubin, direct bilirubin, AST, ALT, ALP
  • Digital chest X­-ray
  • Digital chest X­-ray
  • AFP – alpha­-fetoprotein
  • CEA – carcinoembryonic
  • EKG – electrocardiogram
  • Thyroid Function Test -Thyroid FT3 , FT4 , TSH
Thailand Medical Checkup

As well as for:


  • Culture and sensitivity test
  • Calcium
  • HPV – Hybrid Capture II
  • Risk for Ovarian Cancer–CA­125


  • PSA – Prostate Specific Antigen
  • Testosterone
  • Whole abdomen ultrasound

Chinese Traditional Medicine

Once you have your lab results and talked to the specialist, we’ll go downtown to one of Southeast Asia’s best diagnosticians. She’s a second-generation doctor of TCM who’ll check (Chinese) vital signs and give you some in-depth recommendations about diet and exercise. Maybe some herbs or acupuncture, if she sees the need. She speaks wonderful English, has a great sense of humor, and her insights about your constitution will delight you.

Dental Checkup and Cleaning

Believe it or not, there’ll be time for a high-tech checkup and cleaning with the dentist who did my root canal (painless, not even uncomfortable, the nurse held my hand during the scary parts). You’ll be glad you did.

More Healthy Stuff

Want to do a serious detox? Fancy a colonic? A 2-hour massage? A 2-hour Thai massage at a village hot springs? A session of very laid-back yoga? Does Ayurvedic Medicine float your boat? Reiki? Vipassana meditation?

Just say the word and we’ll organize it. Even take you there and introduce you…

Contact us and we’ll develop a Health Day that’s right for you.

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