3 Easy Day Trips from Chiang Mai

Here are 3 Easy Day Trips from Chiang Mai. It’s hard to go wrong if you live here: Chiang Mai is known for its myriad outdoor activities in the surrounding hillsides. An easy way to take in the sights and explore what the province has to offer is to take a day trip. Whether you’re into adventurous activities or prefer to take in the views and simply relax, here are three day trips that come highly… [Read More]

Chiang Mai’s Moat

Chiang Mai’s Moat is a Magical Water Feature Moats were once a part of many cities’ defensive features. Along with walls, they were what kept the baddies out. Chiang Mai has seen its share of baddies since it was founded 1200 years ago and, sure enough, Chiang Mai still has fragments of the old wall around its perimeter. But it’s one of the rare cities that has a real, functioning moat. I say ‘functioning’ because… [Read More]

Chiang Mai Loi Krathong 2015

Chiang Mai Loi Krathong 2015 This year, for the first time lanterns could only be released on November 25, as part of Chiang Mai Loi Krathong 2015  – sometimes spelled Loy Krathong – festival. That’s it. One night. Of course, that’s the way it was always intended: a night of awe and amazement (then back to the carport for beer and karaoke). But it’s gotten out of hand lately with lanterns released for weeks and distracting pilots… [Read More]

Thailand’s Headlines of the Week

Here are Thailand’s Headlines of the Week 15-Year-Old Dies in Phuket Vegetarian Festival Shoot-Out. Shoot-outs between teenagers are part of the landscape in Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya. They’re belong to a very old tradition and are implicitly tolerated because, despite the mayhem they cause, they help preserve Thailand’s ancient warrior culture. Because Thailand has the best rice-growing land in the world it has been the target of many invasions from larger, envious neighbors over the centuries. In… [Read More]

Bike Lanes in Chiang Mai

Bike Lanes in Chiang Mai Both locals and visitors have shown increasing willingness to tour Chiang Mai’s level, well paved streets under their own power. Now Chiang Mai province has announced that it will spend 40 million baht ($1+ million) for four bike lanes across the city to cater for our cycling boom. Chiang Mai cycling enthusiasts (the Lycra crowd) and tourists will soon be able to enjoy their first bike lane, a 5km route… [Read More]

Wat Mae Kaet Hell Garden

Wat Mae Kaet Hell Garden: Where Retribution Isn’t Always Divine – A guest post by Derek Workman, a freelance journalist living in Chiang Mai. With my eye to the viewfinder of my camera, photographing two horny-headed demons sawing a woman in half with a devilisly fierce two-man felling saw, I sense a frison of terror shiver through me at the thought that the two-metre high chap with blood dripping from his fangs overseeing the job might… [Read More]

Import Pets to Thailand

How Do You Import Pets to Thailand? My wife and I will be relocating to Chiang Mai in mid Oct. We’ll be bringing our dog and, in checking the airport website, it’s not clear if we need to contact them before arriving or not.  If you can shed any light on the subject it would be very helpful.  – Bob P. I asked Mark Davis, a client and friend who imported his (very spoiled) dachshund, Scooter,… [Read More]

Thai Bank Deposits for US Citizens

Thai Bank Deposits for US Citizens Thai bak deposits for US citizens can seem a little tricky at first, but there’s a relatively easy way to handle them. If you’re a US bank account holder you can save international transfer fees via the US Automated Clearing House system (USACH) and Bangkok Bank’s New York branch. By stipulating the 9-digit routing number for Bangkok Bank’s New York branch (026008691) in your US transfer instruction, the funds will… [Read More]

Thais are Smart People

Thais are smart people They’ve created one of the best cultures on earth, which they love and treasure. But book learning is not greatly valued, Thailand’s education system is questionable, and it shows in international survey results. The Thai Ministry of Public Health just announced that the IQ of Grade 1 students has dropped from 94 in 2011 to 93 (the international median is 100). It’s possible that Thailand’s education system is actually harming students’ IQs:… [Read More]

Moving to Thailand from Australia

Tips for Australians Moving to Thailand David writes: “If you have bank a/c or Govt. approved retirement fund in Australia with a surrender value of at least Bt 800,000 in $A you can get a retirement visa  at the Thai Embassy in Canberra. I have had a Thai Retirement Visa issued in Aus and have never had a bank account in Thailand and it’s good for 2 years…the 1st year you get a multi-entry retirement visa… [Read More]

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