10 Best Thailand Blogs

Back by Popular Demand: The 10 Best Thailand Blogs 

These bloggers know more about their Thailand than any visitor could – and they’re passionate about it. Bookmark this page because they really are the 10 best Thailand blogs of 2014.


That’s Austin’s work, above. But his blog is about food in Thailand. Much more useful than reviewers whose only experience with Thai food is from their local restaurant at home. Well-written and illustrated by a professional photographer. Who could ask for more?


Richard Barrow’s industriousness has created a huge readership because he does something so well and has been doing it for a long time. He also has useful advance news of interesting events. Thai Travel News has something for  tourists, travelers, expats, and even residents.


An American artist in the Bangkok night life. Keen observations plus Chris Koles’ unique rendering of nighttime Bangkok. This blog is not so much a tourist guide as an artistic rendering of an exotic human demographic. The drawings themselves are worth the visit.


My Thai Village Life in Chiang Rai by Village Farang. Village Farang is an inspiration to travelers, lovers of country living, and bloggers alike. This blog, by a longtime resident of Thailand, about his beloved village home in Northern Thailand is a fine example of blogging, both intimate and expansive. It balances the beauty of the Thai countryside as viewed through the lens of his camera, with his personal introspection and insights on life in Thailand.


Thai Blog and Travel Stories. An Englishman’s Perspective and Life and Work in Central Thailand. A piratical look at life in Thailand from almost every perspective. Wildly varied, beautifully photographed, and funny in a low-key, British way that makes it an addictive read.


Thirteen years and millions of faithful readers testify to the worth of this wryly funny, educational, and highly amusing blog about real expat life in exotic Bangkok. Don’t miss it.


Bangkok From the Passenger’s Seat. The author is a University Professor and photographer who turned a 9-month contract into an 8-year passion. He’s the author of Thai Taxi Talismans, a book inspired by the blog and available at Asia Books and, of course, through Amazon. He’s created one of the most idiosyncratic blogs in the history of blogdom–and that’s saying something. Funny, mordant, quirky, it’s blogs like this that leaven earnest blogs like mine. Enjoy!


The Real Phuket. More timely (today!) and more personal than any tourism guide could hope to be, Jamie’s love of Phuket (a large varied island with a blend of people and religions, lively tourist beach areas and many quiet places) shines through. While highly personal, it is also well-indexed and extremely useful for anyone planning a visit. Once again, excellent photographs not only adorn the site, they reveal a great deal about Phuket and its real-life inhabitants.


A blog/Internet broadcast about a northeast Thailand (isaan). It’s featured here because this labor of local love shows how much a determined blogger/broadcaster/narrowcaster can accomplish by getting off his backside, visiting, and accurately documenting the secrets of the region. It has put Isaan on the map and inspired emulation and…a visit to Isaan.

And your special bonus for reading this far:


The independent Traveler’s Guide to Koh Chang. Written from and about one of the world’s most beautiful islands, this is another excellent example of advocacy blogging. Once again, the elements are all here: love for the place, good writing, a keen eye, and excellent photographs. If you read this blog you will be compelled to visit.

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