“Moving to Thailand? Want to know the real cost of living? How to get around?
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- Godfree Roberts

Visa Extensions & Immigration

Visas & Immigration

In one (almost) enjoyable hour we’ll handle your Thai visas. You won’t go to the Immigration office – ever. Drivers licence and insurance, too.

Rent, Buy or Build?

You’ll visit places you’ll love and meet their owners. We’ll do the rent vs. buy math. You’ll avoid the traps in Thai leases and purchases.

Medical Care in Thailand

You’ll get the most thorough checkups – from MDs and Chinese physicians – you’ve ever had, be cared for by angels, and get 40% discounts on future care.

Make Money in Thailand

Face-to-face conversations with people making real money in Thailand. The possibilities and pitfalls of doing business in – and from – Thailand.

Dental Care in Thailand

Space-age equipment, Western-certified dentists, nurses who hold your hand, and prices to make you jump for joy. What’s not to like?

Learn Thai Cooking

On our organic farm you’ll pick, prepare, cook, and eat the best meal you’ve eaten in your life. Ever. And fall in love with Thai cuisine.
About the Concierge Service