Retiring in Chiang Mai? You need us.

Handle the months of complicated planning, preparations applications and paperwork required for retirement in Thailand in less than 24 hours - really.

Thailand Retirement Helpers
has helped hundreds of people to make the move

Don’t waste another minute – or another $1,000 – with complicated planning and confusing paperwork. We'll get you completely settled in just one day handling:

  • Retirement Visas
  • Accomodation
  • Insurance
  • Transportation/Licenses
  • Banking
  • Health Care
  • Licenses
  • Living Expense Queries
  • a FREE 24-hour emergency number, personalized introduction to Chiang Mai and more!

All for $500 (plus government & filing fees)

Godfree Roberts

I spent 30 years as a butler moving a family across the world at a moment’s notice finding their accommodation, transportation and professional services. When it was my turn to move countries however, I had an expensive, frustrating year on my own figuring out how to best retire to Thailand and createa life for myself in Chiang Mai. It was a new culture with different attitudes, expectations, customs and laws I didn’t understand. I wasted a small retirement fortune on bad leases, bad advice and unnecessary expenses.

Now I help others avoid my mistakes by handling all the hassles for you – everything from retirement visas and health care, to buying a car and condo – in hours instead of months. Our clients rave about the experience once they've retired in Thailand with us as their trusted guide and so will you.

Khun Aom

While my Thai name is Aom, my Western friends call me Aimie. I’m from Chiang Mai and with my years of experience guiding visitors, I’ll show you all there is to know when you retire in Thailand, including introducing you to important contacts and local resources you’ll need for your new life.

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