Want to live a comfortable middle class life on your retirement income? Surrounded by beauty, great food, and friendly, smiling people? The longer you wait the more difficult it seems. Let me help you and save you money….
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Godfree has helped hundreds of people to make the move

I’ve personally helped 525 people move to a new life in Thailand – where their lives are fuller, and their money goes 4 times as far.


Check your needs and interests. We’ll create a custom schedule that saves you months of frustration and thousands of dollars.
  • Visas
  • Driver’s licences
  • Insurance: health and property
  • Medical, dental care, prescription replacement
  • A 24hour bilingual security/police/medical number to call
  • Visit expats’ homes (and ask questions).
  • Meet expat businesspeople (& save a fortune)
  • Find a home; Thai leases
  • Temporary living
  • Location, security, Thai neighbors
  • Your key shopping locations mapped
  • Traffic patterns and flood levels
  • Renting, buying & building. Finding land
  • Meet your banker (you won’t believe what he can do for you)
  • Meet your lawyer/police officer
  • Driving license
  • Car & scooter purchase, public transport
  • Childcare and school referrals
  • Cultural sensitivity training
  • Sit in on Thai language courses
  • Sit in on TEFL courses
  • Shipping. Temporary and longterm storage
  • Be chauffeured in airconditioned comfort
  • Lunch at dream restaurants (included)

Godfree Roberts

Have you noticed what a difference it makes knowing someone in a strange country?

I spent 30 years as a butler moving a family across the world at a moment’s notice, finding accommodation, banking, medical, dental and legal services, and handling everything from security to shopping. But when it was my turn to move and I spent an expensive, frustrating year creating a life for myself in Thailand. It was a new culture with different attitudes, expectations, customs, and laws. I wasted a small fortune on bad leases, bad advice, and unnecessary expenses. Then I met Khun Aom. She was born and grew up here, she’s a Temple dancer, mother of two, and accountant. She filled in the gaps in my life and explained the intricacies and delights of Thai culture. So we teamed up to help make your move to Thailand fun, interesting, and economical – instead of tedious, boring, and expensive. Together we handle the hassles with you – from visas to cars, condos, shopping and dining – in days instead of months. We even have a 24-hour service that straightens out cultural, legal and medical emergencies for you...while you’re on the phone. Our clients rave about their experience, and so will you.

Khun Aom

Khun Aom is known as Aimie to her Western friends. “They just couldn’t get their tongues around ‘Aom’", she says. Most people who visit Thailand (even folks living here) never even meet a Thai. That makes it hard to understand our culture. But you’ll get to know me. I was born and raised in Chiang Mai, I’m a Temple dancer, mother of two, accountant and lover of Thai culture. I’ll show you around, explain our exotic buildings and customs and get you plugged into all the local resources and people you’ll need for your new life. And you’ll always have someone to call in emergencies, or when you’re puzzled about something.

Thailand Retirement Helpers